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1.    I believe that prospective astrologers should choose a method and learn it and after doing that then branch out. I wish more potential astrologers would not believe that they have to verify every little think on their own. If astrology continues to do that, then it will never advance. 

 2.   Psychological astrolies such as Noel Tyl doesn't use Cosmodynes. The psychological approach to astrology has its own ways of developing what is critical. And besides, the Tyl Method is more concerned about psychological needs rather than events. One is looking for the elements of classical psycho-analysis, not the elements of what might happen. 

3.   I went to your website and read the introductory Cosmodyne article. From your brief comments on the history of Cosmodynes, this seems like something (though relatively obscure) that has been around for quite awhile, longer than I have anyways, and I am not young. My point (which will lead to the question) is, you speak OFTEN about Cosmodynes, but I don't hear many other astrologers speaking of them, nor do I find very much (other than tangential connections to the Edwall software or the scant books on the topic) on the web. My question is (okay, questions ARE) merely, if they function so crucially (going from your MANY posts), why are they not more popular? 

         The Church of Light developed them in the 30 year period from 1920 - 1950. Thousands of their students around the world asked their astrology clients about 75 specific questions, and gradually they developed, using Placidus houses, and the actual events that befell these people a system that identified which aspects in which signs in which houses to which planets and the MH and the ASC seemed to have the most impact. Some of this research is documented in Doris Doane's book called ASTROLOGY:30 YEARS RESEARCH which I believe is still available from AFA.

 But at least five things prevent their popularity. 


            around 1950 astrology started to move away from the prediction of events and tried to align itself with the burgeoning psychology movement. This accelerated during the Easalen times on the west coast of the USA in California. Cosmodynes are used for traditional Event oriented astrology. The psychological astrology movement when it first started tried to paint traditionalists as being fortune tellers and gypsies, and BAD. So the train of astrology after about 1960 went very very strongly away from the prediction of events. 

The second thing.....

                is that the Church of Light's technique was incredibly complex to figure out. If you think calculating the calculating a regular chart by hand is hard, thing several of orders of magnitude higher in the math calculations. It took 10-12 hours to calculate one set of Cosmodynes. This meant that for nearly 45 years after they were developed no one could really use them. It took the advent of computers to make them accessible to everyone. Most teachers of astrology today were trained by teachers from a time when this scientific math based technique effectively was unknown. 


            The Church of Light owns the "copyright" for this technique. It is a very involved set of procedures, and the programmer has to develop a set of special skills to make a program that will do this. Also the programmer must follow the guidelines of the Church. Their program may need to be sanctioned by them. There are only three programs in the world that do this. One is by John Molfese and John Halloran with AstrolDeluxe 7.1, and the other is Allen Edwall's free version. Only the one by Halloran is officially sanctioned by the Church of Light. Molfese is a student/teacher in the Church. THE THIRD is Solar Fire Gold and above. I don't know when these programs first got developed but it was way way beyond the heyday of astrology in the 60's and 70's. Certainly not before 1995. Most astrologers, unless they are really into internet research or a friend of Doris Doane would not know about them. Doris Doane was a famous astrologer, but by the time the programs developed for calculation she was in a nursing home and no longer active in astrology circles. 


                astrologers as a group tend to believe that they have to try everything on their own. They tend to be anti-science, and anti anything that looks like science, as science will destroy their "art". Most astrologers come from the arts, music, painting, soft pop psychology. They view anything that smacks of science as a way to destroy their creativity. 


                Astrologers seem to have a myopic view of the science by only looking at their own chart. If they see it in their own chart then it must be big in everybody's chart. For some reason, they don't seem to "get it" that there are so many millions of permutations of stuff that there must be a way to separate the non-critical from the critical at the get go. If you are a more event oriented astrologer then you must find another method to separate the critical elements form the non-critical elements in a chart. There are only two others: follow the very specific rules of Horary Astrology, or use the Cosmodyne system(with Placidus houses required).

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