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What is Dark Moon Lilith?

        Dark Moon Lilithis one of the more esoteric portions of Ivy Goldstein-Jacobson writing. For those of you who haven’t heard of this, here goes.

        Lilith is an object that George Waithe and Sepharial popularized back at the beginning of the last century. They claimed it was a second moon of earth(not to be confused with the Moon), which was not luminous in the presence of the Sun, and rotated the earth every roughly 118 days. They claimed that it was seen crossing the Sun on several occasions. In 1961, IVY apparently picked up on this, and wrote her little book THE DARK MOON LILITH IN ASTROLOGY. DML is not to be confused with the other two Liliths(Black Moon Lilith--the moons apogee, and the asteroid Lilith). Only IVY picked up on it. 

        Further, she saw it as intensely inimical to humans, and to the house that it impacted, and the sign it impacted, and to the angles it impacted. Its most significant when in angular houses, and less so in succeedent, and even less cadent houses.I’m not sure that Ivy really believed Lilith was a physical object despite her claim about it in FROM OUTER SPACE TO PLANET EARTH. Ivy described it as offering denial in the house that it impacted, and especially so by a conjunction and especially an eclipse. Ivy described that the closer to the angular cusps someone had Lilith the more fascinating and flirtatious to the opposite sex they might be.Lilith is inimical to people in a personal way, and even more especially to women. 

        Placed in the angular houses thy act to DENY the good that is offered there. In the succeedent houses, Lilith affects the material interests. In cadent houses, the impact is more in the nature of not denying it it, but in poisoning and causing the actions these houses to Malfunction. 

        Lilith in an intercepted sign is held back from full functioning. Lilith in aspect to Neptune is an especially bad combination, like the Hell’s Angels riding through the town on motorcycles shooting everything.

        Keywords for Lilith are: SINISTER, MALEVOLENT, DENYING, FRUSTRATING, CATASTROPHIZING. In the 12th house, in Pisces, or in aspect to Neptune, the words are SELF-UNDOING, CRIMES, CRIMES ON PURPOSE. Lilith rules dishonor, temptation, seduction and betrayal, and the inability to diagnose illnesses.

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