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The Development of Cosmodynes and their Use in Astrology

        Whole volumes have been written on this subject and I’m certainly not going to provide that in a short synopsis herein. 

         Let me start by giving you some volumes that can provide information. First you would need to purchase How to Read Cosmodynes by Doris Chase Doan, and Delineation with Astrodynes by Ken Stone. Additionally, you might try Astrology: 30 years Research by Doris Chase Doane. 

         Secondly, the calculation of Astrodynes is something that is enormously tedious and takes into aspect many many variables. Do this yourself is possible, but takes upwards of 7-10 hours per chart. Three astrological programs do this for you. 

         The first is This is a site operated by programmer Allen Edwall. He has a totally free program on Astrodynes. The second choice is an adjunct program written by John Molfese and officially sanctioned by the CHURCH OF LIGHT as the specific program for using the Cosmodyne/Astrodyne technology which is part of John Halloran’s terrific astrology charting program Astro-Deluxe For Windows. Any chart that can be saved in ADW can be determined for an Astrodyne description. The third program is Solar Fire Goid and later versions.  A benefit of Solar Fire is that ANY chart can get a cosmodyne/Astrodyne treatment.  All the programs provide similar information though the numbers vary and some of the data is different. 

        Astrodynes are a measure of astrological energy. The technology purports that it is possible to come up with a numerical value for the energy of the placement of the planets, the houses, and the signs, and the aspects between the planets. This numerical value is defined as either a continuum of a power value, or the continuum of harmony or friction with the use of the energy. Doris Doane describes the system as “….If you ask me, Cosmodynes are the greatest tools ever devised to assist the astrologer to become more scientific, client-oriented, and effective as a counselor.” And I would agree whole-heartedly. 

     During the 1920’s, ‘30’s, and ‘40’s, the CHURCH OF LIGHT and the workers within it used a very extensive questionnaire to provide information about more than 25,000 astrological charts. They used and very closely refined the classical descriptions of the power of aspects, aspectual relationships, power and harmony of the planets, power and harmony the signs, and power and harmony houses. Some of the classical definitions held up and others failed to show the strength that was originally indicated. For example. It was determined that a planets distance from the cusp is divided by the number of degrees in the house and this sum is multiplied by a differently figured combination called the “house variation” to arrive at a value which represents the power of the planet’s degree position on the chart. This correction is added to the value of the cusp and the result is called the house power of the planet. All kinds of impacts go into the creations of the actual numerical values: qualities of the power, mutual receptions, planetary natures, essential dignities… goes on and on. 

         All of this together produces a chart of dynamic values. The charting shows the planet, house, and sign which has the most power(energy available for use.) It shows a sequence of values which allows each planet, sign and house, to be rated from the strongest and most available energy to the weakest and least available energy. Additionally, there is a harmony chart for the each. This chart actually shows the degree of friction that using the energy of the planet, sign, or house engenders for the client. Its not unusual to have a client with their strongest post energy available planet be the planet with also the most friction. This means, of course, that despite their ability to use the energy with purpose and direct to accomplish their goals, they will also find that it causes undesirable side effects to its use. For these people, and for the astrologer, one must look at a sequence of energy use that provides the best worlds of strong flowing direction and least friction. 
Now and then, you will find a client whose strongest planet and least friction producing planet is the same. For these people, their direction and focus of action can be formidable. But at the same time others can find them over-bearing and arrogant. 

        Additionally, the Haloran and Solar fire programs  provide a list of the power and harmony of the aspectual relationships in the chart itself. One can easily determine which planetary relationships are likely to produce the most friction and give the most power, or vice versa. These relationships also include the MidHeaven and the Ascendant. 

         This system was originally normed on Placidus Houses, so for the most accuracy Placidus must be used. 

         Some other important characteristics are determination of the ruling planet, the best planet, the planetary house ruler, the worst planet, and the most useful and most friction producing house. Usually the ruling planet of the chart is considered to be the planet that rules the sign on the ascendant. However, often this makes no sense in the chart, and that no sense arrangement is often seen by the power of the planet in the Cosmodyne chart data. Another piece of information is the house ruler. Certainly the planet ruling the sign on the cusp is significant. However, if there is another planet place in the house and its power is significantly stronger, then that planet is the actual ruler of the chart. 

         These techniques can be used effectively in mundane analysis, vocational analysis, personal analysis, and all aspects of astrology. And while they have less of an impact in the  psychological astrology of Noel Ty, they can be used as a guide.

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