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When you need an astrological interpretation.....

Some people ask for astrological interpretations on Forums.  But in doing so they only post a pretty picture of a  chart from Astrodienst or some other source, and they leave out all the birth details.  

If you want a professional astrologer to do your chart, you need to include the birth date, the birth time to the minute(not rounded to the hour), and the birth place or the longitude and latitude.  Since most Pros will also want to look at a Solar,Lunar, or Planetary return they will also need your current longitude and latitude or town and country you live.  

Sure, if you just give the chart,  any decent astrologer can figure out your birth date and time from having just Uranus, Mars, and the Moon listed.  And yes, without the place, by trial and error looking at each of the 24 time zones around the world, they can get close to your place of birth too.  But this is tedious and most pros will just move on figuring that if its not important enough for you to give them your data, its not important enough for them to spend hours working on it.

Why is just the chart information not enough?  

Well....  there is lots more to be gained in the chart.  For example, I use the Astrodyne system to make initial determinations of whats important and what's not in the chart to begin with.  I might want to look at the lunar latitude, the sensitive points, asteroids, fixed stars, arabic parts, etc that you don't have listed.  There are so many things that are important to a proper analysis that cannot be just seen in a pretty chart picture and have to be calculated.  

And if I want to look into the future, or even gauge what challenges you are running with right now by doing a secondary progressed chart, I need a really accurate birth time, and may not want to take a chance on my devination of it by going through ephemeris tables.  

So there it is.  Without the data, you might as well spend your time at the PSYCHIC HOTLINE.

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