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A Venus Return..... a prime way of determining the degree of the element of romance in life over the next 13 months or so. 

     It also shows marriage and the arrival of material goods that often come as a windfall. It represents the beginning of a new cycle of love and happiness. 

     Look first to your natal chart to find out whether the Venus Return is of high impact. This would be shown by having Venus in any of the following categories: 

1. Venus in the first three power planets 

2. Venus in the top lowest friction planets 

3. Venus in the most friction planets 

4. Venus out of bounds by declination. 

        First of all, I calculate the chart for the exact moment that the degree takes place. This means that if Venus is in 10Sco23 47, in the natal chart, I calculate it for the moment it makes a transition from 10Sco23 46 to 10Sco23 47. 

        Secondly, its important to calculate it for the place where the client lives at the time. If the place where they lived most of the time during the chart changes, then you need to look at the chart with these changes in mind. However, you also can do it through 1/12 charts make for the moment that Venus moves into the next sign. So 10Sco23 47,’s next sub chart is 10SAG23 47. This is less important for fast moving planets like Venus and Mercury but very important for gauging the return impacts of the slower ones like Saturn or even Pluto. 

        Third, in doing return charts its essential that you are able to determine the strength and friction of the return planets and others to determine how impactive the return will be, and also such things as the significant midpoints to use. If you are not in the habit of doing this now, the extra information provided will flounder you. 

        Fourth, you will be looking at the transit of the return planet through the return chart to see impacts. You need to know the power and friction of the planets it touches both natally and in the return chart itself. 

        Fifth, MOST IMPORTANT, you are only interested in the kinds of impacts generated by the rulerships of the return planet in question. If its Venus, then you are looking at how love, harmony, and finances will play out over the next 14 months.

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