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Relationship Analysis .....

is the most time consuming of astrology perhaps short of rectification. Its not simply done by comparing Sun signs. If that's all that was involved, anyone could be an astrologer.

In Zarathu Astrology, there are three landscapes which must be explored before a real appreciation of the possible relaionship can be determined. These are:

1. The astrology of the deep inner needs of both persons, which is the traits of relationship building which each individual person brings to the relationship

2. The transition: which is the astrological analysis of the relationship characteristics itself

3. An analysis of what each of them causes in reaction to the other: their actions and how these actions impact each other.

How do you do this?

In the first landscape, you look at three groups of astrological information.  

a. Individual characterisitcs for both of them: fitness for relationships, character, and what relationship build does to them

b. The instinctual relationship and the Sun Moon Blends for each of themc. Individual house placements for the 1st and 7th houses

In the second landscape, you are looking at an abstract description of the relationship itself, by looking at the Davison Combined(Composite) chart. 

You will need to look at the relationship as if its a person, and you will need to look at all seven Quotients of Natal astrology: 

1. How the relationship deals with change

2. Where the relationship draws and loses energy

3. Where are the limitations of the relationship

4. How the relationship grows best

5. How the relationship builds creatively and how it deals with the typical illusions

6. How does the relationship think

7. The why of the relationship

Concluding the second landscape, its worth doing a numerological analysis of the combined chart.

In the last landscape, you need to look at how each others actions impact them,  where in everyday life will they rub each other the wrong way, and the right way, and how significant the wrong ways are. 

This is done by a painstaking planet/house, planet/sign, and midpoint synastry comparison of both charts.  When you are done, you will have done a real relationship analysis. 

You will know without shadow of a doubt what the potentials are for a long term relationship between the two parties. This take several hours to do, and it requires a lot of knowledge of astrology.

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