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The astrology of humans(meaning how astrology has meaning and impact for humans as opposed to using it for animals or the lower levels of consciousness such as plants or rocks) is not determined in the details but in the big picture. It develops according to the impact that the environment has on the individual, and the impact that the individual has on the environment.

     This means that one may not be able to get a perception of the true meaning of astrology through the details of either the Fourth Stage Astrology evolution or the Fifth Stage Astrology evolution. One represents of determinism of Classical Astrology, and the other the one degree of uncertainty of Psychological Astrology. 

         The true sense of self has to come from a development of the interactions of both evolutionary stages. Zarathu Total Immersion Astrology© straddles the fence between both evolutionary stages. On one side it deals with the events of change that impact people, and the planet, and on the other side of the fence, with what the reaction of people will be. 

         This is understood through SEVEN broad psychological interaction patterns of human beings. 

         They are called quotients, referring to the mathematical nature of reality ITSELF. But even more, Zarathu Total Immersion Astrology brings a clear designation of the continual return each spot a higher spot on the spiral. 

         They are as follows: 

1.  THE NOW:  This is what has brought the client to the astrologer.  Its is defined by  using Tertiary Progressions for the Emotional Challenges, and Minor Progressions for the Mental Challenges.

2. CHANGE: how the individual is able to deal with changes internally and externally, and involves the Sun and the Sun/Moon Blend. The Moon, its latitude and declination, its interactions before and after birth, its horary status, etc, and then secondarily its interactions with Uranus of unusual change, and Pluto of confounding unexplainable change. The change quotient is the prime minister of the package, since all the rest are dependent on one's ability to handle change and interact with it. Every other Quotient constantly refers back to the Change Quotient. 

3.  COGNITION : This is the essential map of Brain and consciousness.  Using current reserch on the four major brain areas,  The Cognition Quotient looks at the Flight/Flight response and how important it is to the native in his initial outlook toward new things.  This is represented byt the Reptile Brain.  Secondly, we have the Limbic System.  This shows personal security and is represented by the Moon, primarily.  Next, we have the Cerebral Cortex.  Here we have a concert presented by how we take in new information, how we hold on to old information, and how we manage it.  This is directed partly by Mercury, Saturn, and Jupiter.  Finally, we have the part of the brain which has only existed for the past 40,000 years, the prefrontal cortex which measured partly by Venus.  The Asteroids Psyche and Nemesis and 16 other asteroids are essential to defining the Cerebral cortex.

Finally, we look at the midifiers of cortical activity as measure by various geomentric configurations such as the T-Square, the YOD, the Grand Trine, in addition to all the regular aspect relationships.


Relationships, Careers, Growth, etc. are only successful when they are actual subsets of the Mission in Life.  If you mate doesn’t match your mission, there will always be something mission.  If your career doesn’t play to your mission, then you will never really feel fulfilled.  

Illusion and Creativity, the previous title for this Quotient turned out to be a subset of Mission.  How creative you are, whether you are able to manifest your creativity or lose it to illusions is actually a subset of recognizing and acting on your mission in life.

So there are essentially two parts to the Mission:

      • The mission itself
      • The resources provided by the chart to take the mission and which are described as elements of Illusion vs Creativity

5. THE LIMITATION QUOTIENT: To every life some rain must fall. True self is dependent on how much rain will fall and involves placement of the traditional Malefics, especially Saturn as well as malefic fixed stars, various negative Arabian points, etc. 

6. THE GROWTH QUOTIENT: how the individual learns to deal with all those issues which provide unlimited growth and good things that happen, which most interacts with Jupiter, and Venus, and fortunate Arabic point placements related benefic influences, etc.. 

7. THE ENERGY QUOTIENT: Our abilities to manifest self is largely dependent on the energies that our chart provides to accomplish things. Mars is clearly implicated here, as well as Mars relationship to Saturn, since energy is also dependent on the ability focus it. The impact of the Change Quotient is especially important here. 

 copyright© Eric J. Uberseder, 2014

Note:  While I don't care much for the proprietary attitude of most astrologers, I won't be putting the eintire package together here.  And the reason for this is that people believe that if its on the internet then its simply free for the taking.  The Seven Quotient uses astrology that I did not invent, and most astrology since its so old is in the public domain.  But how we organize it, and into what forms we put it, is proprietary.  Putting down in these pages exactly how to do the Seven QUESTIONS simple begs burglary of same, and then others using the techniques without even noting where it came from.

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