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And now.... the Physics of Astrology by

                               Nadia Smirnova-Mierau

There are  few sites that explain astrology from a scientific point of view.  Here are some extracts from a site that does:

"Today people are generally aware of the meaning of the word "astrology". Most of them, however, don’t know what astrology is as a subject. Is it a science, art, or religion?

 "Let us take a look at different points of view on this question. The general public comprises two groups: 

1) Admirers - those who follow astrology forecasts in the media, study descriptions of the Zodiac signs of friends, relatives and colleagues or occasionally seek personal consultations from astrologers. 

2) Skeptics – those who do not take astrology seriously, they may ridicule admirers or deride astrology a "female religion", a "superstition" or even a "fraud"."

For more:  go here:,%20art%20or%20religion?

"How do Planets and other celestial bodies affect us?It is well known that, as physical bodies, planets have certain physical qualities: size, mass, density, temperature, magnetic field, behavior patterns, which include spinning around its own axis, orbiting around the sun, etc. It is known that the structure of the solar system (of the Universe in general) as well as patterns of planetary (starry) behaviors is due to these physical qualities, especially gravity."

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