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The Part of Fortune

Understanding how to use the Part Of Fortune(POF)!So why doesn’t the Part of Fortune(POF) work for me? 

 Well......probably you are using it wrongly. How is it created? Remember its product of the Sun/Moon/Ascendant. Because the Moon and the Ascendant is involved the point of birth must be exact. 

 This is hard. 

 First, most birth times are not exact. If they are not exact, then one must rectify USING THE ARABIC POINTS AS REFERENCES. Most rectification methods fail to use the Arabic points as all. And even if it is rectified in this way, it may not be accurate. 

 Secondly, it signifies “improved conditions” within the house its placed, and by its solstice point. This means that it is built into a bias toward event astrology. It also means that its less useful in analytic astrology such as the psychological astrologies of Noel Tyl and Liz Greene. 

 This also means that its ideal for those circumstances which have real observed events such as Ingress Charts, and event/Horary charts. The Capricorn Ingress around Christmas time is the best time to use it; The fall Libra Ingress is the least useful. 

 Since its an event astrology it also is far more impacting when its in a fixed sign. Event Astrologies are based on a kind of Moon Structure. Analytical astrologies are based on the context of a Mercurial Structure. Moon rules change; Mercury rules the Mind. Mercury rules air signs, and the POF is far less effective in air signs. 

 Now....suppose you still want to use it? 

 Ok! You’ve determined that its not in an air sign, and to give it special effect you notice that its in an earth sign. You have an exact birth time; or you believe it to be so, anyhow. You are aware that you will be using it to recognize a better sense of fortune in events, not the analytical structures of the mind. And you are ready with your copy of Rex Bills’ House Rulerships. 

 Are you home free? a word: NO! 

 There are several circumstances which turn the POF into the POM. What’s a POM?The POM is the Part of Misfortune. You can still use it but now its not providing and good luck in the house but might be creating negatively charged conditions. This isn’t bad. If fact for you, if you were born with a powerful Saturn, might be good, cause you’ll know you have those wonderful obstacles which lead to strong change. 

 But anyhow, these are the circumstances which make it unreliable as a POF, and more reliable as a POM: 

 1. Conjunct Neptune, Dark Moon Lilith(of IVY and Sepharial fame, not to be confused with Black Moon Lilith, or the asteroid Lilith), or a nasty fixed star like Caput Algol. 

 2. In the same degree as the Moon’s Nodes, especially the South Node 

 3. In the sign of Pisces, or in the decanate of Pisces in 20-30 degrees of Cancer.. 

 4. In the sign of Scorpio, or in the decanate of Scorpio in 10-20 degrees of Scorpio. 

 5. In the 8th or the 12th houses 

 6. In the 29th degree of any know how to use the part of fortune. 

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