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Midpoint Pictures of Ebertin vs Witte...

Reinhold Ebertin was the student of Alfred Witte.  He published a book everyone should own called Combination of Stellar Influences(everyone calls it COSI for short).  But in fact Ebertin dumbed down the descriptions of Witte in this book.   And in a similar way Noel Tyl did it again in the back of his book Solar Arcs.  

Let’s look at a comparison between COSI and Witte. 

         I was looking at a here and now chart to make a comparison between them. 

        Witte offers far more options to understand midpoints and bigger combinations. 

         COSI is limited to midpoint pictures where actual planets exist in the midpoint. But if there is no planet in the midpoint picture(either conjunct or opposing or squaring it) then you have nothing. 

         The chart is here and now which was December 9, 2012 at 1:47 PM in Bar Harbor, Maine, USA. 

         First I have to determine which is the most powerful aspect combination. In this chart its the square of Neptune and Mercury(+9.75 in Cosmodynes). So I look for a MIDPOINT PICTURE. There is none for a midpoint of 14Cap which is the midpoint between Neptune and Mercury. Mars at 17CAP is the closest. If I go to COSI, page 127, I get Mars="Mercury/Neptune" as “thinking with a purpose, great powers of imagination, the realization of plans”. Incidentally, Noel Tyl(in page 405 of Solar Arcs) dumbs this down to “putting imagination to work, inspired planning pays off”.... 

        But neither of these have the real midpoint picture. 

         Witte does. 

         And at 14.2 CAP = ME/NE : An abundant fantastic imagination. To appear like a saint. Planners, actors, deceivers, liars. 

         This is way more specific than either of the others, and it gives some real meaning to the very powerful Mercury/Neptune aspect.But Witte doesn’t stop there. At the same point there is another combination:14.28 CAP="MC+VE-ME:" To make acquaintances easily. To talk about beauty. To enjoy beautiful objects.This includes Mercury in the pattern, and suggests the kind of genius that is involved. 

         Now I have no idea what even besides me looking at this right now is indicative, except that I do actually have an abundant imagination and am using it at that moment, and it certainly involves acquaintances HERE in this forum, and I am concerned about the elegant beauty of astrology.

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