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A Typical Horary Consultation

I’ve decided to offer up a horary that I did for a client almost two years ago. This is a sufficient interval since then, and the client has moved way on since then. The client was quite agitated and came to me in some desperation when s/he was not able to determine the answer via normal channels in the company.What I looked at was pretty typical. Data was specific enough at this point that there was no point going further forward. I enclose in parentheses the client’s response to what happened. I made two responses up. 

 The first one has no astrology in it at all. 

 This second one was provided from this original some time later after the client decided to learn something about astrology. 

 This was the question:QUESTION: Should I look for a new job?This was the moment of the question.July 10, 2001, 10:11 PM EDT, 39N56, 76w04

Specific Noted Data: 

 1. Moon is intercepted, and in Pisces 

 2. Moon is squared mars(ruler of the 2nd house) 

 3. Sun inconjunct Mars(ruler of second)

 4. Moon is trine the sun (partile in 2 minutes) 

 5. Moon square Pluto(co ruler of 9th, and in the 10th house of career) 

 6. mars and Pluto in the 10th house of careers 

 7. Lilith in the house of dreams, wishes, and uncontrollable circumstances 

 8. Uranus is conjunct the ascendant and semi sextile Lilith 

 9. Lilith is opposite Jupiter, ruler of the 11th house(where Lilith is in) 

 10. Lilith is inconjunct Venus 

 11. Part of fortune is actually the part of misfortune in the 8th house of loss and legacies. 

 12. Moon pre-event pass-over is a malefic: Uranus. Post over the Venus. 

 13. Astro-cartography of Uranus(conjunct the Ascendant and the pre-birth pass over of the Moon) passes over north/south ************, and then the coastal regions of ther states of *********** and ****************.____________________ 

General Description of the event: 

        First of all, it looks pretty clearly that your current job will end. 

        Secondarily, it also looks strongly like you should leave. There is no financial incentive for you to stay.(Turned out no raise was in the offing intot he future, s/he did not tell me) 

    This is an unexpected turn of events for you, and it may have a possible impact of dissolving bonds and current relationships, opening you to a whole new set of circumstances. You need to be open to this possibility, so that you can take advantage of it if it arises. (S/he had though job to be completely secure, President of the company’s son was a personal friend)) 

    The context is of short trips, not long journeys. Look at early friendships and your network of friends in your field, that may be from near the beginning of your work. (S/he found new job eventually from a friend.) 

     You will have an opportunity to use good documentation. Make sure that your physical and on-line resumes look good. T

    There is an indication of a delayed completion of the events. This might mean either it takes a while for you to be let go, or it takes a while for you to be get a new position that you like. (S/he took 3 months to find a new position, and was not actually let go for about six weeks).   

        However, there are two good omens here. The placements of the structure looks good for building a new job, and also for holding on to ties from the old one(S/he has no animosity in the termination, and offered a terrific evaluation for further employment). 

     Notice that I didn't say actually holding the job. If you choose to do it, you can maintain ties with the old organization, and it is possible that they might call you back. Your eventual success in finding something meaningful to you, or even in coming back to the organization you are in seems pretty well assured(Eventually the client went back part time, but much later). 

However, don’t do anything from this moment on without written contracts. Do not, repeat: do not, do anything on the basis of a “handshake and a good word”. You need any offers or agreements in writing. 

     Your sun in the 5th house suggests a possible carelessness about something that is to do with work, and perhaps your fear of what ever this lapse is, coming back to bite you. I have attached my 4 rules of bureaucracy in the appendix.(Client commented that S/he couldn’t understand how I could know that since only his/her boss and S/he knew.) 

     Mars in the 10th suggests that the work you’ve done for the organization up to now is NOT APPRECIATED. This means that either you’ve not blown your horn enough, or they just don’t pay attention to this stuff and need to be reminded more often. You can maintain contacts with this organization after you leave and this is good, but YOU will have to do it. Don’t expect them to do so. Management will cremate you after you are gone--they won’t remember you. 

     Your current organization has at least one serious behind the scenes enemy, and they have the power to take you out. Their placement is one where they cannot work openly though. It may even be the person you think is your friend and who has told you about the impending cut. (Turned out to be true.) 

 There are some elements of this event that make it look like some kind of wake-up call. If you treat it as such, then the solution is a fortunate event for you, because it allows you to make a serious change in your state of mind---the midpoint of the Jupiter/Lilith opposition is the solstice point of the part of Fortune in the 1st house:

 1. Moon interception shows a blocks course. The loss of the job may be held up longer than you think, or your ability to get a new job may take longer than you think. 

 2. Moon over Uranus pre-event. What led up to this was an unexpected event. The fact that its Uranus suggests that we are looking at a substantial change from previous job situations. Its important that you look at the possibility of finding a job that has more importance than any previous one. This is suspected by a recent Saturn return which took place about two years ago and signals a major change in your life situations. 

 3. Moon in an angular house, and in mutable signs, suggests that lots of meetings and stuff is going to take place around this loss of one job and creation of anew one. You need to be patient. While there are some signs that it could suddenly fall into place, I think you will recall when it does that there was lots of leg work in advance of that. 

 4. Moon aspects lots of planets from the signs that its in before it goes out of that sign. This suggests that there is going to be lots of activity here. In your application for a new job, you will probably have a number of contacts that may not pan out. (a bunch) 

 5. You moon’s 1st aspect to the sun in exact trine, ruler of the 7th house of partnerships, shows that you have a pretty good business relationship with the person who tipped you off. It also suggests you have a good start with the events of the change. The fact that the moon’s pass-over after the event is Venus is helpful, but it may be counteracted by the relationship of Lilith to it and Jupiter. More on that later.But it also supports showing a big change. 

 6. The final aspect of the moon(before it leaves the sign) is a square with Jupiter. Even bad aspects to a benefic are not bad, suggesting that an action will take place and that it will involve some kind of expansion of your present position. 

 7. The Astro-cartography suggests that you may want to expand your job search to east of ***********. And there are other aspects of the question that suggest you may be looking at a move out of the ********* Area, but east to North/south **************, and east of the *************. This doesn’t mean you can’t find a good job elsewhere. Just don’t limit your search to ***********. (New job came exactly where I suggested) 

 8. Pluto squaring the moon suggest that the search will involve dealing with people who are quite different than the normal blue suited big blue types. You may find yourself looking at computer jobs where you are assisting some unusual people, or unusual start up operations or something like that. The point here is that you shouldn’t cross off a job prospect because it seems a little “out there”. (came out exactly as noted.) 

 9. The moon squaring mars suggests that when the break takes place and the job opens, the whole thing may go quite quickly(the move, the job, the circumstance). if it comes together don’t be surprised by a sudden action. (exactly as forecast) 

 10. There are some indications in the question that you’ve held back some key concerns that you think are apropos to the situation. You are worried about how these might have an effect on your job search. Additionally, you are not terribly skilled at this kind of job search. I suggest you by both the workbook and the manual for “What Color is My Parachute”, current edition.

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