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An Introduction to AstroCartoGraphy

        Astro*Carto*Graphy is a proprietary name for a system developed by Jim Lewis and released publicly for the first time in 1976. With the introduction of personal computers, it became possible to chart the lines across the face of the Earth, and not merely on a 2D drawing of a circle and its 12 Houses. 

         Jim Lewis and his colleague, Kenneth Irving, introduced A*C*G in a book, The Psychology of Astro*Carto*Graphy, in the Penguin "Arkana" series and this book is a vital primer for anyone who wants to learn and practice the technique. 

         Basically, it plots the path of the planets across the surface of the Earth. Each has an MC and an IC line, which run vertically from pole to pole. Each also has an arcing, wavy Asc/Dsc line. .

        At various points around the Earth, the Asc/Dsc line will cut across the vertical MC or IC lines of each planet. Anyone who does not have a program such as Solar*Maps and who does not want to go to the expense of buying one from Astro Computing Services, can simply go to the Astrodienst site - at - and you can generate and print one for free!

         The points at which the Asc/Dsc lines cross the MC/IC lines are called parans, or crossings, and they have the effect of a square. Jim Lewis theorised ... after considerable research ... that the crossings have about one-quarter the power of the primary lines (Asc, MC etc). 


         These "crossings" work all around the world AT THAT LATITUDE. For example, if you look at the point that your Venus Asc line crosses the Saturn MC line (in reality it may not!), and generate a chart for that precise set of co-ordinates, your relocated chart will have Venus exactly conjunct the Asc and Saturn will be exactly conjunct the MC. 

         Now, here's the beauty of mapping. Maybe you hate Saturn!! So, you continue travelling along the Venus Asc line until you get away from the Saturn MC line. Suddenly ... you can have Venus WITHOUT an angular Saturn!! 

         The WESTERN side of the line represents the angular House - First, Fourth, Seventh and Tenth; and the EASTERN side of the line is the cadent House - Third, Sixth, Ninth, Twelfth. 

This is important! 

         Sometimes, depending on the individual, it is better to have a "harsh" planet conjunct an angle from the cadent House, rather than the angular one. And sometimes it's much better to have a "beneficial" planet conjunct from the angular House, rather than the cadent. 

         Mapping takes the guesswork - or the trial-and-error approach - out of relocation. Instead of thinking: Hmmmm, wonder what the Big Apple would be like for me? ... you can simply pull out the map and see instantly where in the world you have your most beneficial lines. 

         Okay, I think that's enough for the basic theory ... so, now to the nitty gritty. First up ... the natal chart is the blueprint. (Yes, I know I said that already!). It doesn't matter where you go, there is no escape from the OVERALL intention of this Life's lessons, as laid out in the natal chart.         


        BUT ... it is certainly possible, using Mapping, to make the absolute MOST out of any natal indicator you choose to emphasise ... and to give yourself a break from the harshness of some lessons! 

         We all know that angular planets in a natal chart are more powerful (usually!) than those which find themselves in succedent or cadent Houses. Now, imagine just HOW powerful it is when you take a nobody like a 3rd House Mars and put him EXACTLY on the Asc!! Suddenly, you are saturated with a powerful energy which you might barely have been aware of before...... it can run away with the whole chart!! 

         And that's why I say that relocating to a particular Asc or MC line totally over-rides the natal chart. The influx of energy is RAW, UNDILUTED, EXTREMELY POWERFUL and it TAKES OVER. If I can use an analogy ... it's like an Amish teenager suddenly given the keys to a Ferrari!! 

         And that's why, when dealing with Mapping, you have to look at WHAT you've put onto the angles and HOW close it is to the exact line. The influence of the MC/IC and Asc/Dsc lines extends for about 300 miles (roughly 4 or 5 degrees, depending on exact location). The influence of the crossing points, or parans, extends about 2 degrees either side of the latitude of the exact crossing point. 

         BUT ... the power increases dramatically the closer you move to the line. It is as if the planet is saying: This is MY territory!! Also ... the energy is PURE energy which reflects TOTALLY the general symbolism of the planet. Jupiter is simply Jupiter ... and it acts that way. Not as a "debilitated" Jupiter in Gemini, or some other sign. 

         The nature of the energy will manifest according to WHICH angle you've chosen - and whether you have placed yourself west or east of the line - AND whether you've chosen a place which also makes another planet angular. Generally, you will feel more in control of your own destiny if you choose the Asc, MC or IC lines and (with most planets) locate on the western side. 

 The nature of the planetary energies 

         These are basically just the same as the natal implications ... except that you must alter your thinking to take into account this this is a tidal wave of NEW energy and that the energy tends to come in PURE form. 

 1. SUN: Because the Sun always WANTS to shine as brightly as possible and is the symbol for the whole package in this Life, the energy will tend to come out as: HEY! LOOK AT ME!! In other words, Sun zones deliver the real possibility of achieving fame (Don't forget to take "Level" into account, though!) 

 2. MOON: Can be a tricky one. Men might have an easier time of it by putting themselves on the eastern side of the line ... unless they're aiming to become a SNAG! But, of course, a Cancer Rising guy might be VERY happy to settle with his Moon in the angular House. 

 3. MERCURY: Good for all communications. You might note that Ted Turner established his CNN HQ in Atlanta, very close to one of his Mercury lines. Important: Trying to find a college for the kids?? Pick a Mercury line!! (Their's, not your's!) 

 4. VENUS: Beautiful!! Have lots of files on this one ... including a guy who had no luck with money or women and moved to his Venus Asc line ... the money starting pouring in and women started chasing HIM! One of them chased until he led her to the altar! 

 5. MARS: Truly excellent for sports stars ... generally good for men ... maybe not so good for women. Note: Mars and Pluto Dsc lines and Mars-Pluto crossings can be EXTREMELY dangerous, especially for women. The Dsc line tends to indicate the energy will come AT you from another person ... and I repeat the mantra - NEW energy, RAW energy. 

 6. JUPITER: Whatever you want. Fame, fortune, status, a cure - anything and everything that Jupiter can deliver ... and then a little extra!! 

 7. SATURN: Twenty years ago, I moved here intending to stay for a few weeks ... 3 months at the most. Welcome to my angular Saturn zone! Settle down, buy house, do the full Saturn thing ... and keep doing it ... and doing it ... and doing it!! Saturn zones can be almost impossible to escape from. I've tried to get away at least 4 times during the past 20 years - and I'm still here!! Actually, they're great zones for people who want to get serious about Life and who don't run from such truly weird concepts like Duty, Responsibility, Commitment. Gawd, get me outa here!! 

 8. URANUS: Birth territory for me, so I like it ... LOVE it! But, the most unsettled childhood on Earth ... constantly moving ... living with mother and latest husband one month, paternal grandparents the next, and boarding school the next. No point in predicting what will happen in Uranus zones - otherwise it wouldn't be a shock or a surprise!! 

 9. NEPTUNE: Now, you'd think to be avoided at all costs ... unless, perhaps, you happened to be a Columbian with a lot of fine talcum powder to shift!! But ... it can be a fantastic zone for a lot of people - photographers, directors, care workers etc. Also, Neptune zones can be the BEST holiday zones on Earth!!! Unless, of course, you want action - in which case, you go for Mars! 

 10. PLUTO: Yes, well. I LURV Plooty!! And if you want to know about Pluto zones ... just read Yolande!! Pluto at the MC ... you betcha saweet boppy you're gonna stir up MAJOR bias and opposition. The Saturnians are likely to try to nobble you ... and if that doesn't work, jail or execution!!  

        Now here's an extra bonus!! THE LINES CAN COME TO YOU ... in the form of a person, a job, a contract, a contact. 

         I know one woman who has had FOUR husbands. THREE of them were from her Venus lines!! One from MC, one from IC, one from Dsc ... and the fourth was a teenage sweeheart while her PROGRESSED VENUS ASC LINE crossed her current place of residence!! (By the way ... does that answer the question about whether Progressed lines work??)

Books on Astro-Carto-Graphy:

1.  THE PSYCHOLOGY OF ASTRO*CARTO*GRAPHY - Jim Lewis, with Kenneth Irving, $24.95

2.  ASTROLOCALITY ASTROLOGY: A Guide to What It Is & How to Use It - Martin Davis, $25.0

3.  EVALUATING ASTRO*CARTO*GRAPHY MAPS Finding the best places to live and travel, your step by step guide - Elliot Jay Tanzer, $49.95

4.  MAPPING YOUR TRAVELS AND RELOCATIONS - Finding the best place for you - Maritha Pottenger and Kris Brandt Riske, $19.95

5.  FROM HERE TO THERE: An Astrologer's Guide to Astromapping - edited by Martin Davis, $40.00

6.   ASTROLOCALITY MAGIC - Advanced AstroMap features of Kepler - David Cochrane, $8.95

7.  X MARKS MY PLACE - Paul Councel, $9.95

8.  PLANETS ON THE MOVE - Maritha Pottenger & Zip Dobyns, $16.95

9.  BON VOYAGE: An Astrological Study of Relocation - Marc Penfield, $16.00

10.  WHAT'S A RELOCATED CHART? - Maxine Taylor, $8.00

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