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Three of the most important asteroids of health...(and Dark Moon Lilith)


         This one represents the state of health and in particular the ability to heal. You can explore the house and sign of Aesculapia to define how health is perceived in the life and what it means at this point. For example: 

         An aspect with Bacchus suggests health issues connected to addictions, prescription drugs etc. A scene where Bacchus/Aesculapia = Jupiter suggests liver disease through substance abuse. 

         An aspect with Psyche suggests psychological issues in the health problem; with Mars, issues involving the use of or lack of energy such as Fibromyalgia 


         This shows both hygiene and health related to issues involving cleanliness. Its defining comes from its interactions with other asteroids, planets and points in the chart. 

         For example, a negative aspect to the MH suggests needing to work through career issues despite poor health; with Mercury, nervous conditions, vehicles, or siblings with health problems.  


        This represents the “gauntlet” that you run in trying to get cures for your disease, as well as the procedures that you have to use to correct them. 

         Retrograde planets aspects to Panacea also show subliminal energies toward healing. 

         For example, Panacea in aspect to the ASC shows a continual involvement of daily life in addressing personal illness problems; or with the Moon seeing that the successful dealing with the illness may have involvement with mothers/women/ the home, getting away from the home environment; one might find here that there is some environmental factor of one’s illness 

Dark Moon Lilith

Finally we have the point of Dark Moon Lilith. DML’s house position always implicates difficulties, and as well as its aspect relationships. Relationships with Neptune and in an angular house have the most significant negative affect on the things of the house placement of DML.  

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