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An example of using DML with health....

Spiro Agnew:November 9, 1918 9:00 AM EST, 76w23, 39n35 

This one is particularly interesting. This is  the horoscope of Spiro Agnew, Vice President to Richard Nixon. Agnew died of leukemia. The blood vulnerability is clearly defined by the square between the Sun-Venus conjunction and Neptune(not that Venus rules the 6th( along with Neptune’s quindecile contact with Uranus(with Uranus opposed by Saturn. The system is weakened generally as well by the quindecile between Pluto and the Moon, and we can note that Pluto="Sun/Saturn," “a threat to health, and a pressure to change one’s value system.”What the paragraph doesn’t say is that acute leukemia is something that comes up suddenly and kills quickly. 

 I remember a child in one of my schools in the early 80’s who died abruptly of acute leukemia.One thinks they are feeling weak from a virus, and one dies before one has a chance to even figure something is wrong. This is what happened to Agnew.His Lilith is 27Virgo30, Virgo is intercepted, and is a cadent house, the 9th.This means that the action of Lilith under the circumstances will be subdued, and hemmed in(the interception), and not known easily, the cadent. Many of the characteristics of the other MOON, are holding with Lilith. We would expect then that the direct effect of leukemia here doesn’t make itself known easily. The placement in the 9th house tells us that the liver is involved, and since the 9th is the natural house of Jupiter, we might expect enlargement. One of the characteristics of leukemia is enlargement of the liverBut there’s more. There are two kinds of acute leukemia, one involved the lymph system and one does so much. It would appear that Agnew had acute lymphocytic leukemia (ALL). There is no way to tell unless someone knows the family but the placement of Lilith tends to show it.Additionally the placement of Saturn in the 9th, the same house as Lilith cements the bone marrow problem and the leukemia.

Mike Wallace . May 9, 1918, 3:30 PM EWT, 71w07, 42n20The Timing text states this is a bipolar disorder also. However its really didn’t look that way to me, since I didn’t see the excessive yin/yang of Jupiter excess and Saturn stinginess. It looked just depressive to me.  Lilith is in the 12th at 2Pi49, conjunct Uranus. The 12 and Pisces is the natural house of Lilith making her much more formidable, but as in Spiro Agnew, she’s cadent, which fits the insidious nature of depression. We would expect the disorder, what ever it was if we didn’t know, to involve an effect on anxiety, deceit, emotions turned inward, loneliness, worry, and obsession, and also asylums. All of these were involved in Mike Wallace’s disorder. There’s no manic elation involved. Conjunct Uranus you have to throw in that unpredictable nature, made worse by Lilith. Noel notes the depression shown by the Saturn/Neptune conjunction Trining the Midheaven. That combination(in the 5th) is also inconjunct Lilith, bringing in that factor of having to come back again and again to deal with unfinished obsessive business of the 12th house, and each time feel lessened by the experience. This is a pretty good description depression(speaking now by one who’s been in the hole.)The trine of Lilith with Pluto(death) emphasizes all the negative features of Pluto. Patients with depression often talk about feeling dead. There’s Lilith again, right in the middle.   

Arnold Schwarzenegger: July 30, 1947, 4:10 AM 15E27, 47N05 

 The text indicated that Arnold had open heart surgery. What the text doesn’t say is that the surgery was totally elective for him. It was a congenital valve problem which he decided could be fixed now, while he was young, so that when he was older the characteristics of it wouldn’t do him in.Arnold is a pretty tough dude. I would say that based on Lilith, Arnold’s problems are probably yet to come. At 23vir05, Lilith is cadent , so what ever will befall him will sneak up on him. However, if the valve was not corrected, we would have expected to see shortness of breath and energy troubles, it would also cause circulation problems.The 3rd house placement would give troubles in this area. It might affect the lower abdomen issues of the Virgo placement.Lilith is directly affected in the square of Uranus though. Uranus rules heart valves, and Aquarius heart beat irregularities(and of course Uranus Rules Aquarius, and Lilith is nearly exactly inconjunct to the cusp of the 8th house which is Aquarius). The square would demand action.The end of the matter is the 6th house of general illness, which is also the house of taking care of one’s body through diet and herbs. Arnold may be able to beat it all. 

Lastly,Hazel Denning: 3-1-1907, 8;20 PM CST, 88W27 42N19.  At the time of the writing Hazel was 90. She had an assortment of illnesses, but Gee, guys, she was nine-ZERO years old.I wondered how Lilith would show up. I’m not going to go over it, you can. Lilith is a 29sco17. In her case, Its like the good fairy in sleeping beauty. In every way that Lilith could do bad things, she is counteracted by benefics or mutual receptions or whatever. Many of us have protections from Lilith. And so does Hazel.

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