Welcome to Zarathu Astrology

     Zarathu Astrology represents a How-To of the best of traditional astrology compiled from many authors of the 20th and 21st centuries but organized in a very special way. 


        The purpose of this astrology site is not to sell you something.  There are no charting services, and I am not interested in  getting new clients.  The only purpose of this site is educational.  I want to explain to you how to do astrology, and where to get information to do it better and better.  I will not charge you for this information.  There are no courses, or training videos, or books you have to buy.   However,  budding astrologers should be aware that they will NEED to buy books that explain the astrological concepts clearly and directly.  I'm not selling these books though, I will only recommend them because they are in my library.   I make no profit by recommending books to you.  


        Zarathu Astrology also represents a format called The Seven Quotients of Astrology.  Most astrological techniques for a standard pattern for describing the horoscope.  But Zarathu Astrology breaks it down into Seven Primary Areas   that help the astrologer and client learn about themselves:

1.  Change:  How does the client deal with change, and s/he be able to use the information provided

2.  Creativity vs Illusion:  How does the client deal with struggles that require them to act or be deluded by the         


3.   Energy & Health:  How will life provide energy for action and what kinds of health issues may arise

4.  Limitation: In what ways will life act to limit the actions and growth of the client

5.  Growth: In what ways will life offer ways to exapand and grow

6.  How does life provide skills at thinking, decision making, jusdgement, and vocation

7.   What will happen next?  How do my life skills change over time?   Yeah... that's nice, but what am I now 

        after 50 years of living?